A review of the hundreds of expenditures every year authorized by the unelected Board of Education shows hundreds of millions of dollars in payments to vendors. These vendors are seldom required to prove that they are worth the money paid to them.

Ain’t No Free Lunch

“Educators for Excellence” claims to be pro-union and many of the teachers it recruits are strong union members. However, the policies E4E advocates in its declaration are aimed at diminishing the unity that is the foundation of unionism.

From Humbolt Park to San Juan, big banks are robbing our children’s futures

Community groups, members of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community, religious leaders, and union members made a joint statement on Thursday, decrying the predation of financial institutions on Puerto Rico’s public services and residents, and calling on the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank to step in and offer Puerto Rico assistance similar to which was given to big financial institutions over the last decade.