Pavlyn Jankov is a researcher for the Chicago Teachers Union. His research focuses on school inequality and segregation, how predatory financial institutions harm our public services, and how to right the ship!

CPS Continues Special Ed Distortions

Parents protest cuts to special education Just days after schools found out about another outrageous round of cuts to their special education staff, the district’s Office of Diverse Leaners and Support Services (ODLSS) offered a defensive presentation to the Board of Education filled with even more distortions. District Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson prefaced their presentation, stating that misrepresentations were circulating about special education, that the district would explain how the layoffs were decided, and repeated their assertion that the district was committed to meeting all legally required services in students’ IEPs.

CPS: No Plan A

New CPS CEO Forrest Claypool has made it clear that the district has no Plan B if the state does not step in to close the $480 million budget hole in CPS 2016 budget. The district is proposing their FY 2016 budget…

CPS: Broke on purpose

CPS: Broke on purpose As the new fiscal year started for the Chicago Public Schools, Rahm Emanuel and interim-CEO Jesse Ruiz announced $200 million in cuts, including 1400 layoffs, while warning that even more devastating cuts to the classrooms will be coming down the line if the state fails to act on his legislative agenda - a legislative agenda that included no new progressive revenue sources.