Johnaé Strong is a CTU member, educator and organizer based out of Chicago seeking to build liberatory education for people of all ages. She also works to connect education to active participation in the shaping of a more just world for all people as a member of Black Youth Project 100.

Young Black Organizers Demand New City

Laquan McDonald was 17 years young when he was executed by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. The fatal details surrounding his murder have put Chicago front and center for questions around police conduct, competence, and corruption among the city's officials. Young Black organizers across the city are demanding a complete restructuring of how Chicago is governed and funded.

The Loveless Age of Schooling

An African-American boy does his homework forlornly …I realized I was not following my own advice in sharing my authentic voice with my students. How could I open the year without talking about my mission as an educator to bring love back into schooling? So the next morning I stood before parents and a classroom of third graders talking about love.