No longer publishing here

CTU researchers will continue to publish on our union website.

After much consideration, staff of the Chicago Teachers Union—who had done the bulk of contributing and upkeep of this site—decided to focus our efforts elsewhere.

You can continue to read work by the CTU Educational Policy Research Department (including Carol Caref, Pavlyn Jankov and Sarah Rothschild) on the Topics page of the Chicago Teachers Union website.

Thanks to everyone who supported this effort. We will leave the site intact as a continued resource. Bear in mind, however, that its latest updates are from 2018. So, those seeking information should note that facts and figures written on this site as contemporary have a historical context.

About Nathan Goldbaum

Nathan Goldbaum is a Member Communications Coordinator for the Chicago Teachers Union. Mr. Goldbaum has been an activist for over 20 years and came to the Chicago Public Schools in 2006. He lives in South Shore.

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